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Fast and efficient Ice Makers supplied by We Know Cool 

Here at WKC we understand that ice makers and flakers can be equally as important as the rest of your refrigeration equipment, but choosing the right machine is vital to keep your displays stocked and your drinks chilled, this is why we have teamed up with Foster to bring you the very best in ice making machines.

Ice Maker Features
Our range brings the very best designs of ice makers to the table in both production times and energy efficiency. Here are just some of the benefits of out Ice maker machines. 
Ice Cubers
  • The Foster range has been innovatively designed with new user-friendly electro-mechanical controls to ensure reliability.
  • Settings can be adjusted on site to suit the ambient air and water conditions, making sure you achieve maximum output wherever the machine is located.
  • The models also incorporate a condenser thermostat, which ensures a full harvest of cubes, even in low ambient temperatures.
  • Foster’s icecubers produce ultra cold square cubes that last longer in the glass, ice bucket and the machine’s storage bin, so less ice replenishment is required giving you an additional cost saving.
  • The range also uses as little as 5 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of ice – important where water is metered.
  • Hygiene is another vitally important factor as ice is classified as a food under food safety regulations. The new flush system ensures clear ice free from impurities and eliminates the risk of lime-scale build up.
  • The new models feature ice storage areas that are produced from moulded food-safe plastic with coved internal corners, making them easy to keep clean.
Integral And Modular Cubers
  • Both integral and modular cuber models are available, across six different capacities, from 20 to 300 kg. The modular cubers provide high output and large capacity with dedicated storage bins to meet the peak demand requirements of larger businesses.
Integral Ice Cubers
Foster offer four models with outputs from 20kg to 85kg per 24 hours.
Modular Ice Cubers, Modular Ice Cubers & Storage Bins
  • High output and storage capacity with dedicated storage bins to meet peak demand requirements of larger businesses
  • Three models with high outputs from 130Kg to 320Kg per 24 hours suitable to satisfy peak demand requirement 
  • Used in connection with three suitable storage bins with 100kgs, 150kgs and 210kgs capacities
Ice Dispensers
The Foster range also includes an ice dispenser designed to produce clean attractive ice on demand. Ice is dispensed in a simple light beam sensor, with no risk of contamination, making it ideal for use in all outlets, from staff canteens to hotel corridors.
Foster Integral Ice Flakers
Modular Ice Flakers to suit various applications ranging from food preservation, food display and laboratory use 
Three models delivering 120, 220 and 550 kgs capacity per day.

Coming Soon - Hoshizaki Ice Makers 

We are also in talks with Hoshizaki with the aim to give you a huge choice from both of the leading manufactures in the ice makers production. So look out for the new Hoshizaki lines coming through soon! With Another first in the market is the Hoshizaki Ice ball maker, this unique machine produces 45mm diameter spheres of ice at a rate of 45kg per 24hrs. We believe this is perfect for that different twist on ice, ideal for wine bars and bistros wanting to stand out. 
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Energy Efficiency
Discover how we can help your company become as safe and energy efficient as possible