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Energy efficient display fridges supplied by We Know Cool

Display fridges come in many different styles, shapes and sizes to suit almost any application. WKC believe that if you serve food on your premises a display fridge or multideck is a must! 

Show case your products with a stylish display fridge

The largest form of the display fridge is the multideck most commonly found in supermarkets, convenience stores and even chemists. 
With multiple shelves these machines offer lots of display space to showcase all your refrigerated goods without the need for a glass door.

Display fridges - Integral Multidecks Vs Remote Units

Multidecks are found in two main variants first of all the Integral multideck. 
What this means is all the refrigeration equipment including the condenser and compressor are integral to the fridge unit. The advantage of this is that you do not always need an F.gas qualified engineer to install it, there is no need for two power supplies to be installed and it illuminates the need for an external condensing unit.
The disadvantage to this is because of the space needed for the compressor and condenser there is less shelving space. There is extra noise in the room and the heat produced by the condenser is expelled into the room.

The alternative type is the Remote unit.
This means the compressor and condenser is all located outside either on a flat roof or fixed to an external wall. The advantage is most the noise and heat produced in the refrigeration cycle is expelled outside and not into your room. Another plus point is that because the compressor is outside this means the display area in the fridge can be made larger meaning more of that important shelve space! The only downside to owning a remote unit is you need somewhere suitable to mount the outdoor unit away from the general public. In some areas you may even need to obtain planning permission. If in doubt get in touch with your local council for advice.

As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems but please get in touch for free help and advice from our dedicated team. 

Commercial Fridge supply and installation

Here at WKC we believe we can supply and arrange installation of any type of multideck or display fridge we can even supply many models in the colour of your choice! Just let us know a RAL number for that custom finished look.  Aside from the larger multideck we also supply many types of smaller display fridges starting from just 900mm (just shy of 3 feet) wide. Many of these simply require a 13AMP socket and you’re good to go. We also provide serve over fridges in many sizes and styles, perfect for counter service applications such as butchers and delis.

Invest in higher product sales

From our experience at WKC we know that wherever possible open fronted fridges provide highest amount of sales. Surveys have shown many people are much for likely to pick and item up and take it to the checkout rather than wait in line for service or even open a glass fridge door. With this in mind foster launched its new Grab and Go  fridge ideal for the smaller retailers. Well worth a look.

Get in touch to find out how we can help

We appreciate any display fridge purchase is a big decision for any type of business so please get in touch for free no obligation help and advise - All of our team members of fully product trained and can help giude you in the right direction. Give us a call on 02476 638 180 or head to our contact page and get a instant response.
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