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Highly affordable Commercial fridges supplied by We Know Cool

Here at WKC we believe Foster commercial fridges are the best on the market which quite simply is why we sell them. Luckily the foster brand lends itself to a huge range of commercial fridges starting from very small pan chillers right up to their huge walk in freezers! We  know from experience that commercial fridges are one of the most important purchases you can make if you own or operate any type of food outlet - let us at WKC help you to make the right choice.

Featuring the Fosters G2 cabinet 

The G2 commercial fridge cabinet  has over 50 new features and innovations and is loaded with new design, quality, reliability, efficiency and performance features:
  • The thicker and more robust cabinet design with advanced thermal efficiency and market leading capacity all helps towards lowering your electricity bills and improving your bottom line.
  • Ultimate control at your fingertips the new g2 features the new 'smartphone style' touch sensitive hidden-until-lit control panel with unique high visibility temperature display combines sophistication with functionality.
  • This design allows enough access to parameters for day to day use without the risk of accidently changing factory settings. A costly mistake in the past for some business owners.
  • All-new ergonomic door and handle design for ease of opening and cleaning available of course in RH and LH.
Designed using high technology: 'Fluid Food-Fresh Dynamics' modelling, the new and improved advanced Foster Circular II air distribution system maximises efficient operation even when shelves are fully loaded. This design means no hot or cold spots in the fridge like other cheaper brands. Chefs often complain about frozen food at the edges and warm food in the centre of fridge. This design stops this happening completely ideal for when the bookings mount up on a Sunday knowing all your produce is fresh no matter where the KP puts it!
  • Brand-new refrigeration system designed to be the most technologically advanced and energy efficient yet. 
  • New ‘Airlines’ ventilation system cools the compressor which reduces running time by 15% aiding for a long compressor life span.
  • Revolutionary racking set-up means added stability with less componentry.
  • Additional racking all available at great prices. 
  • Sleek new modern aesthetic combines form and function to give you a great looking, easy to use, efficient product.
  • New and improved 'Fuzzy Logic II' intelligent controller with 'e' mode drives reduced energy consumption.
  • Innovative new thermal break and hot gas door heater deliver improved efficiency and a combined reduction in temperature loss and condensation.
  • Completely re-engineered inner recessed door interface provides mechanical barrier to protect gasket face from the cold air of the interior. This helps to considerably extend the life span of the door seal especially on freezers.
As you can see the foster commercial fridge range is very far ahead of its competitors indeed. Although the purchase price is higher than some brands we believe overall ownership costs are considerably lower.

Contact the experts on commercial fridges

For more information on the huge range of commercial fridges we have available including the Foster XTRA range please get in touch with our dedicated sales team by either calling 02476 638 180 or using our online form.
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