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Top quality Blast Chillers supplied by We Know Cool

Here at WKC we believe Foster blast chillers are the best on the market. We only sell products that we know are going to be right for you and are expert customer support team and intuitive website are here to make you life easier. 

Why do you need a blast chiller or freezer?

Current food legislation requires all food cooked on commercial premises must be cooled as quickley as posible. What this means is the food must be in the danger zone for the least time possible during cooling.
  • The danger zone is +8oC and +63oC this is the point where bacteria mulitplies the fastest.
  • Under ideal condidtions bacteria can double in numbers every 20 mins! This means from one bacteria to sixty nine million in twelve hours!

Why not put it in the fridge?

Even the best commercial fridges on the market cannot bring cooked foods temperature down quick enough to meet EHO guildlines.
The problem being that when you put warm food into the fridge it casues the fridge temperature to rise. This rise in temperature can potentially put other items in the fridge at risk .

Energy efficient blast chillers

We belive a blast chiller or freezer is an essential part of any modern proffessional kitchen. As you would expect from Foster energy saving is the leading factor in the product design for the whole range of blast chillers and freezers. Foster blast chillers and freezers feature some incredible technology, we've summarised our favourate features below:
  • State of the art control pad - The easy to use advanced touchscreen controller and display gives users colour coding to indicate the cycle status for ease of use. The control pad is intuitive and easy to use just press and go! 
  • Automatic defrost and smart defrost functions ensure the maximum performance and minimum energy consumption due to clever probe and peramitter settings.
  • Soft, Hard chill and Shock Freeze features insuring all foods are chilled acording to their requirments keeping food damage to an absolute minimum.

Short on fridge space?

All foster blast chillers feature a hold function meaning two things:
  1. When the blast chill cycle has finnished the blast chiller will keep and hold the food at the set temperature until its attended and can be moved into storage.
  2. Other advantage is that when you are short of storage space your blast chller can double as a fridge or freezer. Handy over busy periods!
The foster blast chiller range is large enough to cater for any kitchen. The range begins at the foster XTRA XR10 (10kg)
for those with a buget in mind right up to the 75 kg BCCFRI1 roll in cabenet blast chiller. Just incase thats not enough to suit your needs foster can provide remote walk in blast chiller made to order. POA on all walk in and custom made rooms.

Contact us for sales, or just some freindly advise from the professionals 

To summarise we together with foster can provide any size blast chiller or freezer to suit your requiments with impressive lead times. We believe incorperating one of these items will keep you the right side of EHO regulations. With less food waste/ loss a foster blast chiller will also help keep your food business in profit for years to come. For all further infomation or even a demonstration please do not hesiate to call our dedicated sales and support team today on 02476 638 180 or visit our contact page - we'll get back to your right away.
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